Potato blanching

Innotec Systems is specialised in industrial blanching techniques. We design custom-build potato blanchers based on the three different blanching techniques common in the potato industry:

  • Immersion potato blanchers: a two or three step procedure of total water immersion used to inactivate enzymes, leach sugars and  partially cook the potato or potato products.
  • Deluge potato blanchers: showering the potato or potato products with a high volume of hot water to inactivate enzymes, leach sugars and partially cook the potato products.
  • Steam potato blanchers: a process in which the potato products both blanch and restore surface moisture. The steam blancher minimises water contact, thereby leaving the natural sugars and flavours in the potatoes. 

Please contact us when you would like to discuss the best blanching technique for your particular fruit and vegetable production line. 
Our engineers can provide advice in optimising your current production process with regards to:

  • return
  • product quality
  • product safety 
Belt blancher
Irrigation belt blancheur
Screw Blancher
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