Cooling potatoes

For cooling potatoes and potato products, Innotec Systems has the following solutions in its delivery program:

  • Cooling tunnels (dry, circulating air)
  • Screw coolers (wet, water bath)
  • Band coolers (wet, water bath or sprinkling)

After blanching, for example, potato slices for puree products, flakes or granules, should generally be cooled. Innotec Systems supplies tire and screw systems, which are often used in countercurrent water. To save water and prevent excessive leaching of products, the warmed cooling water can be filtered and re-mechanically cooled and pumped back to the cooler.

For cooling fresh potato products through cold air circulation, Innotec Systems has developed a new, hygienically high-quality cooling tunnel that is suitable for many types of cutting sizes such as fries, parts, wedges, cubes, slices, slivers, whole and half potatoes.

Each application requires its own specific cooling technology, tailored to the wishes of our customers. Our strength is that we are very flexible due to the wide variety of proven techniques and that we continue to think about improvements and custom solutions for the customer.

Belt cooler
Cooling tunnel
Screw cooler