The innovators in food processing technology

A passion for food and technology combined with a strong vision is the thing that helped dozens of food processors worldwide get a perfect tailor made solution since the year 2000. With a strong focus on the thermal process, including cooking, blanching and cooling, many new technologies were developed within the walls of Innotec Systems. A prime example of this technology is our patented Impingement Flash cooker. 

Our customer and his wishes are always at the center of our activities: their wishes and demands are ever changing, and only by listening carefully we can improve ourselves every day. Stagnation means decline, and that is why we continually invest in our people: new knowledge and skills make sure our team make sure our team always brings our customers the most innovative solutions. We are only satisfied if you are!

Meet the people who get you where you want to be!

Henk Spies

“I have always been a technical guy, and I really love to see something that’s built with the highest quality. I’ve followed countless welding courses and I always strive for a perfect finish. I think that’s what makes Innotec strong: everybody wants our customers to be completely satisfied. The only way to achieve that is to really listen to what they need and combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. You always have to think one step ahead. This way we create something that will withstand the test of time.”

Maarten Beijen

“The combination of food and technology has always interested me, especially when I can add something, both product wise but also process wise. Innotec’s innovative character has always attracted me because it fits my personal aspiration to think one step ahead. All these innovations create a better environment, which in turn creates something better for our customers. I really enjoy it when something is better for all parties involved.”

Dennis Doove

“I really like to create something where I get challenged to think about every little detail. Seeing it being made in the workshop is a great feeling and by cooperating we improve each other to make our technical ideas come to life in the best possible way.”

Ineke Van Loon

“Here at Innotec I experience everything up close. I frequently have direct contact with our customers, I know what happens in the workshop, I know what happens at our sales department. Because of the small scale of our company I get to do all kinds of activities, of which I immediately see results. Knowing that your work has a positive outcome feels really satisfying.”

Dennis Van Bommel

“Because Innotec is a smaller company there is a very informal and friendly atmosphere. Instead of doing the same thing every day you get to do a lot of diverse activities. This way you really get to know the company and your colleagues.”

“I really like to create something where I get challenged to think about every little detail."

Dennis Doove Engineer