Processing machines & systems for shrimps

Shrimps are delicate products and need to be treated with care. That is why we have chosen to focus on them when it comes to seafood. We are confident enough to call ourselves “specialists in shrimp processing” and many leading shrimp processors have found their way to Innotec for advice and solutions. From 1000 kg. up to 4000 kg. per hour: we can make it, with your wishes in mind!

Our industrial shrimp processing machines deliver the highest possible yield. All machines are custom-made for processing hot water shrimps (Vannamei, Black Tiger etc.) and North Sea shrimps (Crangon crangon).

Industrial shrimp cooking is one of the most important steps in the processing of shrimp. The way of cooking determines the prawn's colour, texture and bite. Innotec Systems is a well-known specialist in this area and has developed a brand new patented cooking technology which ensures the highest possible yield, which makes it an attractive investment.

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In order to stop a product’s cooking process, it must be chilled immediately after cooking. From a bacteriological point of view, the exit temperature of the shrimp coming out of the chiller should be as low as possible.

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