Processing machines & installations for potatoes

Potatoes and the Dutch are inseparable. We love them in all shapes and sizes and eat them on a daily basis. Logically, we only want the best quality. We believe that our knowledge and experience in the thermal process gives you the best potato product there is: from fresh potatoes to frozen fries. What we do depends on what your wishes are. What we offer is clear: dependability, efficiency, hygiene, ease of use and high yield.

Our potato processing machines and installations are distinguished in performance, finishing, hygiene and engineering. Find out what we offer below.

Innotec Systems is specialized in industrial blanching techniques. We design custom-built potato blanchers based on the three different blanching techniques common in the potato industry:

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Innotec Systems supplies different cooling systems and equipment for the potato processing industry. The cooling systems of Innotec Systems include wet and dry types.

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